The following is a helpful list of items to bring to your tax appointment.  Please note that this list is not intended to be all inclusive, but simply a quick inventory of the most prevalent forms/items received at tax time:

  • Social Security numbers and dates of birth for all individuals on the tax return
  • Prior two years of tax returns
  • If you want your refunds or liabilities directly deposited/credited to your bank account, please bring a voided check
  • Items of income:  W-2 (from your employers), 1099-R (from your IRA’s, pensions, annuities, other retirement income), 1099-SSA (Social Security Statements), all other Form 1099’s (brokerage statements, bank interest, dividend income, investment income, self-employment, stock sales, unemployment income, miscellaneous income), alimony received, Schedule K-1 (for any interest in an S-Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Trust or Estate), Form W-2G (Gambling winnings) and any other income received for which you did not receive a tax document for
  • Items of expense:  Medical/Dental expenses, home mortgage interest paid (Form 1098), real estate tax paid, excise tax paid, cash/non-cash charitable donations, unreimbursed employee expenses, tax preparation fees, rent paid (Massachusetts residents)
  • Other items: Higher education expenses, student loan interest paid (tax forms should be received from the college and loan servicer), contributions to IRA’s, child and dependent care expenses, estimated tax payments (please provide detailed information regarding any federal and/or state estimated payments made for the current tax year)
  • Health Insurance Coverage:  You must provide proof of health insurance coverage.  Please provide your Federal Form 1095-A/1095-B/1095-C. Massachusetts residents: Please also provide me with your Form MA 1099-HC.

Please also bring a completed copy of the Client Questionnaire 2023 and Client Organizer 2023.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 617.590.3277 or email Ellen at

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